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Lydianne Keisha Mucunabitu Nationality: Fijian | Age: 22

I chose Royhle because I heard good reviews from the students here and the course only takes about 10 months to a year. Every student gets to progress at their own pace and all the necessary resources needed for studying will be supplied by the school.

Anupam Baurai Nationality: Indian | Age: 23

After finishing my highschool, the hardest decision that I had to take was where to go for my flight training - and I am more than glad that I chose to be a part of Royhle.

I would never regret that decision. Before I came here, I had no idea about what aviation is like, or about my potentials being a pilot. But thanks to the whole Royhle family, the quality of the training and the instructors are very approachable and willing, an it really helped me to build a strong base in aviation. 

Clint Non Sanchez Nationality: Filipino | Age: 35

It was my childhood dream - since I was 9 years old, I always wanted to become a pilot - but after a while, when I reached 35, my dream came true because of Royhle.

Now, in just two and a half months, I just had my second solo flight cross country.

My opinion in Royhle is that it is one of the best flying schools here in Central Visayas. They have quality education and very nice safety record.

Jotham Yawari Nationality: Papua New Guinea | Age: 26

Dumaguete is a good atmosphere for training and extra curricular activities. The airport that we fly has moderate traffic. Royhle flight is the only flight school in Dumaguete so basically Royhle owns the sky here in Dumaguete

Kamyar Hedayati Nationality: Iranian | Age: 47

I believe that everybody likes to fly the same as I do. It has been my childhood dream to fly a plane but I got very busy with my life and my other career.

Now, I am retired. I decided my dream. In my opinion, age is just a number. I won't give up my dream. I'll try to do my best.

Fatin Zafirah Nationality: Malaysian | Age: 24

All in all, I am quite satisfied with the training that I got here from Royhle. As promised by the school, I was able to complete the course in less than a year.

Standard of training was quite high. Most importantly, Royhle helped me to pursue my dream - teaching me to set goals and make sure to never quit till I reach them.