Not only will you get quality training from one of the best aviation schools in the Philippines and become a pilot, you will be spending your days in a city tagged by Forbes as one of the 7 best places to retire in the world. Consider it a vacation! 

The Academy

Royhle Flight Training Academy is a professional aviation school offering high quality pilot training for private, commercial, instrument flight, multi engine operations and Flight instructor rating by providing personalized service and continuous monitoring of our students.

Air Way Charter

Royhle Air Way charter is a major company branch focused in offering chartered flights for various customer needs such as leisure or sight seeing, travel, medical evacuation, and more. If you came here to know about Charter Flight Services, click the button below.


RP-C831 Cessna 152
RP-C832 Cessna 152
RP-C833 Cessna 172
RP-C834 Piper Seneca
RP-C2017 Cessna 172
RP-C840 Cessna 152
RP-C2214 Cessna 182
RP-C7708 Piper Navajo
RP-C8383 Baron 55